Are We ALL in the Deadlights Now?

Mayweather fight

The Deadlights. That’s Stephen King’s term in the movie IT. As in, “like a deer caught in the headlights.” The culture of the sewer overflowing into the streets in riots and murders. “Hahahaha…I love it!” says Pennywise, the creepy clown. Symbols are everywhere in the movie and book. Fear is key. Fear, used by politicians and CEOs to control and watch US. To use us, and tax us into oblivion. Rich versus poor, as the middle goes down for the long count. We are not penny-wise. We want pounds of flesh. Like the Walking Brain Dead. Name your poison, it is there. Including Poison Perfume. Only by coming together, and fighting the fear bravely, do they win. No more lies. No more fake news and fake leaders and entertainers playing the public. Truth, and love. That alone kills Pennywise.

twdThe riots are getting bloody.