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Taylor Swift

Do you care? Or do “number of clicks and likes” impress you?

They Live movie


Joel Osteen Passes the Buck

Prosperity Gospel

Joel opened his church to Houston flood victims, and then passed the collection plate? Business as usual. Net worth? $56 million. Titles of some books? YOUR BEST LIFE NOW and EVERY DAY IS FRIDAY (payday.) His message: “You are worth it. Never give up. God is on your side. Ignore the naysayers.” End of message. Eat, sleep, prey, repeat. Jesus: “Except a man repent and come to me as a little child he cannot see the kingdom of God.” The word “repent” is not in Joel’s vocabulary. He drives a red Ferrari, like many gangster rappers. HYPNOCRITE: a televangelist with a hypnotic effect on fans. They dig deep so the hypnocrite never has to. Thoughts? 


This movie stars the actor who plays Pennywise the Clown in IT by Stephen King. Scary? He’s not “penny-wise” with funds, either.

Prosperity Gospel

Get your Divine Transfer Kit: your money into Popoff’s coffers. In a coffin? Got popped off by a random shooter or hurricane? He’s take your estate. Call him NOW! He could be as rich as a ball player! (Baseball or Powerball. Flip your last coin into a wishing well…where Pennywise waits to take all televangelists into the DEADLIGHTS.)

New #MichaelJackson #audiobook (And one from Michael Brown's mom.) Michael Jackson’s final months were like the rest of his short and legendary #life: filled with deep lows and soaring highs, a constant hunt for privacy, and the pressure and #fame that made him socially fragile and almost—ultimately—unable to live. With the insight and compassion that he brought to his bestselling telling of Martin Luther King Jr.’s final year, #TavisSmiley provides a glimpse into the superstar’s life in this #emotional, honest, yet celebratory #book. Listeners will witness Jackson’s campaign to recharge his career—hiring and firing managers and advisors, turning to and away from #family members, fighting depression and drug dependency—while his one #goal remained: to mount the most spectacular series of shows the world had ever seen. "Before You Judge Me" is a humanizing look at Jackson’s last days. Oder at 📲

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Leonardo diCaprio Asked to Play the JOKER

Leonardo diCaprio

Yup, they want Leo to play the Joker in a new Batman movie. His response: “Already played that role.” LOL. Can you say “Comic Con?”


Now you too can be persuaded to shell out $12.99 for an ebook at Amazon…after the author persuaded so many to buy worthless stocks. CD format is $29.99. Whatcha think? Ya wanna play the victim?