The Vegas Vape 500

VapeIt’s a new race across the desert from Mexico. Backroads, on Fury Road. Can you get your cargo of marijuana to legal Nevada before Trump’s militia blow you away, with hired advisors from Philippine president Duterte? In other McNews, Millennials are being targeted for sterilization at techno and rave concerts. Reports Ryback Solomon, “Kids are stoned and so don’t notice the addition of other chemicals to the smoke. These gas attacks against kids constitute domestic terrorism, albeit this delayed reaction, if spread, may save the future from overpopulation if implemented worldwide. Shall we call it Global Misting? I think Stephen King would like that. Soldiers need a little mist in this heat, don’t ya know.”


“And I’ve got a long way to go, to make it from the border of Mexico…so I ride, ride like the wind…”

Clint Eastwood VS Paul Newman

Clint Eastwood

Everyone knows that Paul Newman was a liberal with a heart for the underdog. He was a co-founder of Newman’s Own, a food company from which he donated all post-tax profits and royalties to charity. As of January 2017, these donations have totaled over US $485 million. He was also a co-founder of Safe Water Network, a nonprofit that develops sustainable drinking water solutions for those in need. His talent and generosity to others made him and his wife Joanne Woodward the unquestioned “most respected couple” in Hollywood history. Big heart, big talent, small ego. Regarding Clint Eastwood, many remember his appearance at the Republican convention, where he made fun of Democrats. Also his movies such as The Enforcer, In the Line of Fire, Hang’em High, Flags of Our Fathers, Heartbreak Ridge, American Sniper, Dirty Harry, Honeytonk Man, Gran Torino, etc seem to suggest that he’s definitely a conservative pro-Trump Republican. But wait. That is fake news conspiracy theory. Consider his own words: “I’m not on either side of the aisle. I think most Americans are going, ‘What the … ? Is this all we can do?’ … When there were 17 people on the stage [in the early GOP debates], I thought, well, there are three or four people up there I could see voting for. They seem pretty good. I had a few …. And then I thought, what the hell happened?” Also: “I was a child growing up during World War II. That was supposed to be the one to end all wars. And four years later, I was standing at the draft board being drafted during the Korean conflict, and then after that there was Vietnam, and it goes on and on forever … I just wonder … does this ever stop? And no, it doesn’t. So each time we get in these conflicts, it deserves a lot of thought before we go wading in or wading out. Going in or coming out. It needs a better thought process, I think.” He describes himself as pragmatic Libertarian, “not a red-meat Republican.” Eastwood’s 2014 movie American Sniper was met with strong critical praise, especially from many Republicans who called it a pro-War on Terror, pro-Republican, and patriotic film; Eastwood responded by saying that such notions represented a “stupid analysis” and that the movie had nothing to do with political parties. So…maybe he should run in 2020 under the Coffee Party, because it’s time to wake up? 

Coffee party

Now go watch these Eastwood movies: Unforgiven, Sully, Absolute Power, Invictus (starring Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman), White Hunter Black Heart, and Changeling (starring Angelina Jolie.) Eastwood: “You know, I haven’t really supported anybody.” But he did back the Brady Bill. “All guns should be registered. I don’t think legitimate gun owners would mind that kind of legislation. Right now the furor against a gun law is by gun owners who are overreacting. They’re worried that all guns are going to be recalled. It’s impossible to take guns out of circulation, and that’s why firearms should be registered and mail-order delivery of guns halted.” Backed a ban on assault weapons. “Why would anyone need or want an assault weapon?” he said. “No matter what party they’re in, you should evaluate their work and make your judgments accordingly. That’s the way to do it in life and every other subject, but sometimes in America we get gaga, we look at the wrong values.” In February 2010, Eastwood was recognized by President Barack Obama with an arts and humanities award. Obama described Eastwood’s films as “essays in individuality, hard truths and the essence of what it means to be American.” Question: would Trump do this for someone who dissed him? Or would he Tweet his disgust and “fake news”? For the record, Clint referred to Trump and Clinton during election season as, “Abbott and Costello.”

Why I Believe Earth is Flat

Flat Earth

A Few Reasons the earth is flat:
The Bible repeatedly describes the Earth as Immovable (Stationary), Geocentric, and Enclosed in a solid dome structure called the firmament
All images of the Earth from space are admitted to be computer generated
We’re able too see objects such as land, buildings, and boats that are supposed to be behind the curve
The North Star, Polaris, never moves and the constellations have never changed
Horizon always rises to eye level
Water is always level and it makes up 71% of our earth
The heliocentric model was created by Freemasonic Occultists
All the space agencies share the same vector logo
AstroNOT almost drowning in space
Water bubbles & Scuba tank viewed in space
Density, buoyancy, & Electromagnetism are better explanations for gravity
GoPro lenses used to fake the curve of Earth
No observable proof of evolution
Sun rays come down in angles and not parallel
Moon Light always tests colder then Moon Shade
Super zoom cameras show that boats do not go over any curve
The United Nation’s logo is a Flat Earth map
Flight paths make much more sense on a Flat Earth
All but one challenger crew members are proven to still be alive today
No genuine 24 hour live feed of the Earth from space
No actual photos of Satellites in Space
Sun dogs and Sun Hot spots
Antarctic Treaty
Admiral Byrd said that there is more land
The Michelson–Morley experiment proved the Earth is stationary
Rockets never go straight up
Bedford Level Experiment
Our own senses tell us that the earth is flat and stationary
The Sun & Moon appear as the same size
No one has ever circumnavigated the earth from north to south
The Antikythera
Sun dials
No parallax with the stars
Time lapse Star Trails shows the stars makings perfect circuits around the North Star
Bolivian Salt Flats missing curvature
Sun shrinks smaller as it sets
Architects, Excavators, and Railroad Engineers don’t account for the curve
Air planes fly level and don’t account for the curve
The Selenelion Lunar Eclipse
The Analemma Time Lapse of the Sun

—-Donald Trump?


According to a Youtube video posted today, all the above items “prove” the Earth is flat. Other videos claim Trump believes it. Several tweets are shown to prove it. Note the lack of punctuation in the list above, and how the Earth is “the earth” in the title. Why is “Enclosed” in caps? Why no explanations to most of the items? Simple: they are nutjobs.