Overwatch Dog

computer dog

With a billion dollars in sales, the game OVERWATCH needs a watchdog, but players in Congress are too busy playing the game to watch over anything. Trump has yet to fill the dog spot in the White House. Perhaps a bulldog named Spotless, the Poop Free Superdog?  Yet there’s a lot to delete, and a bulldog might mess up the keyboard used for Tweets. Whatever dogs are at work in the dog daze of summer, they likely just want to eliminate any kittens before they become fat cats. Meanwhile, 58% of gamers don’t know the name of the Vice President. When the economy goes belly up and real first person shooter skills are needed on the streets, that may change. Stay doomed



Viral VideosThe only tales that reporters chase today are viral videos.

Playstation 4

#1 Recommended ISIS communications device.

Restaurant Offers Speed Dating Delivery Service


Dennys offers speed dating delivery service for busy bikers. Do you want to ride on the wild side with a bad boy gang banger? Here’s your chance. Not responsible for the high speed accidents ahead…that’s the signpost up ahead…reads The Twilight Zone. You could end up alone, or sleeping with a cell phone with an exploding battery…



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Justin Bieber Building Bunker

Abandons tax haven yacht in favor of building bunker.

The Biebs is a Belieber in Survival. In the latest McNews, direct from InfoWars Prison Planet, he is building a bunker in anticipation of World War 3 breaking out, “any second.” What should you do? Continue to play the latest first person shooter distractions until your life force is extinguished in real life. Sooner rather than later. “The end is here.”

Justin Bieber


National Ostrich Day

National HolidaysHUMAN OstRICH, that is.

tax cuts


“Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush both cut taxes deeply on the promise of economic payoffs, putting aside concerns about deficits, which grew during their tenures. Mr. Trump at points during the campaign talked tough about deficits, promising not only to eliminate them but also to wipe out in just eight years the entire $19 trillion in national debt that has accumulated over the history of the United States — a pledge so wildly unrealistic that even he has since dropped it.

Indeed, since taking office, Mr. Trump has made no sustained effort to rein in deficit spending. In his first partial spending plan, called a skinny budget, he proposed $54 billion in cuts to domestic and foreign spending programs, some of them quite deep, to pay for $54 billion in additional military spending. That would leave the bottom line unchanged.”

Game of Thrones

Catching Fire
“Take THAT, ya green tea drinking scum!”

The Green Inferno

Republican tourists being targeted.