Trump to Hire DC Comics to Fight Press


Trump doesn’t just read comic books. Here are other favorites (he says), besides his own books (dictated to co-writers.)

  1. THE ART OF WAR by Sun Tzu
  2. THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING by Norman Vincent Peale
  3. ESSAYS by Ralph Waldo Emerson
  4. THE PRINCE by Machiavelli
  5. IDEAS and OPINIONS by Einstein (know thine enemy?)
  6. THE PARTY (The Secret World of China’s Communist Leaders)
  7. ON CHINA by Henry Kissinger
  8. MAO: The Untold Story by Jung Chang
  9. TIDE PLAYERS by Jianying Zha
  10. ONE BILLION CUSTOMERS by James Mcgregor
  11. junk food

Justin Bieber Building Bunker

Abandons tax haven yacht in favor of building bunker.

The Biebs is a Belieber in Survival. In the latest McNews, direct from InfoWars Prison Planet, he is building a bunker in anticipation of World War 3 breaking out, “any second.” What should you do? Continue to play the latest first person shooter distractions until your life force is extinguished in real life. Sooner rather than later. “The end is here.”

Justin Bieber


National Ostrich Day

National HolidaysHUMAN OstRICH, that is.

tax cuts


“Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush both cut taxes deeply on the promise of economic payoffs, putting aside concerns about deficits, which grew during their tenures. Mr. Trump at points during the campaign talked tough about deficits, promising not only to eliminate them but also to wipe out in just eight years the entire $19 trillion in national debt that has accumulated over the history of the United States — a pledge so wildly unrealistic that even he has since dropped it.

Indeed, since taking office, Mr. Trump has made no sustained effort to rein in deficit spending. In his first partial spending plan, called a skinny budget, he proposed $54 billion in cuts to domestic and foreign spending programs, some of them quite deep, to pay for $54 billion in additional military spending. That would leave the bottom line unchanged.”

Game of Thrones

Catching Fire
“Take THAT, ya green tea drinking scum!”

The Green Inferno

Republican tourists being targeted.

Youtube to Pull Plug


This Just In: Youtube is losing billions daily as advertisers pull out due to hate speech, violence and terror. It has become a free-for-all of fake news, InfoWars, David Icke lizard people, Pizzagate, Ancient Astronuts, violent first person shooter games, and F-word shouting matches. That’s mostly uneducated men. The women mostly trade makeup tips to cover tiny lizard lines and wrinkles. The latest wrinkle is ISIS joining the Flat Earth Society, as they now see it as a means to dumb down America even more, and eventually cut off our lizard heads. Meanwhile, with the exception of BookTV’s channel, you can’t find anyone actually reading a book. Nada. Rappers won’t dare be seen reading, and that includes Beyonce, not just Kanye. Ignorance = pride and bliss. And drugs. Many of them hate science just as they hate kids. As 60 Minutes and others reported, low tech jobs in the future are going to robots. Kid: “I believe the Earth is flat.” Job Interviewer: “Good luck and goodbye.” Does he pick up a gun, become radicalized? Hey, if he can’t get a job, and the gap between rich and poor is astronomically vast…   

flat earth club


mars rover

Eyeball observations are the least important tool in science. This is why Flat Earthers hype eyesight, using parlor tricks worthy of AGT. (Except it should be AGNT.) Eyes are the easiest to deceive, and astronomers don’t even look through eyepieces anymore. Gigabytes of data are downloaded hourly from multiple satellites, including for the Weather Channel. They have not a single shred of proof, yet if you comment with that they will attack you with the vehemence of a pit bull. Science doesn’t work by looking at something with the unaided eye, and then cherry picking “evidence” to support a belief or dogma. It is not empiricism or relativism or inductionism, but realism: the belief that the universe is real and can be explained. The purpose of science is to find better explanations. It starts with an IDEA or thought experiment, and moves to testing, and then finally to theory. A good explanation is one that cannot be varied. A bad one (like FE) is disproven by other means and other sciences. FE is disproven by ALL sciences. Just one proof of the Earth being flat from ANY science, and you’d be called, “the greatest scientist who ever lived.” Nobel Prize, instant fame and fortune. They don’t believe scientists would like to be rich and famous. Wow, is that a compliment? No, that doesn’t occur to them, and won’t at their International Flat Earth Conference in Raleigh NC in November 2017, either. “Globetards” are all in “cahoots,” even to their deathbeds. Not only is NASA lying, but every news agency in the world who uses satellites for live broadcasts, along with Directv dish networks, travel agencies that purport to offer cruises to Antarctica, Elon Musk (“liar!”), and the Pentagon. (In reality, they just lie about budget expenditures.) They are legion, too. Over ten thousand new FE videos uploaded daily, some up to two hours. And then there are the Iluminati and “History Channel” citing cranks. Over at the History Channel (which should be boycotted) they laugh at their stuff. They just want eyeballs, and always add, “some conspiracy theorists claim…” or “could it be true?” No, it’s not true. Greedy bastards.  And no, the Bible doesn’t say the Earth is flat, either. “Praise Jesus!” No, you only read one book, and you get that interpretation wrong too?

Data like this could not come from the ground. It takes the Hubble Space telescope, soon to be replaced by the James Webb Space telescope.


Buy a telescope and with a filter you can see sunspots. FE lizards say the sun is “small and close.” Really? And what kind of star would that be? Brown dwarf? Impossible. Spectral signature is wrong, as is radiation output. Go to Kitt Peak National Observatory and interview astronomers there, as I did. They have a solar telescope, too.