The Many Faces of Jeff Bosley

Jeff Bosley is a film and television actor with extensive background and training originating on the stage where he was nominated, and won, many awards and accolades including the Theatre Recognition Award, the Theatre Service Award and 2 nominations for Best Actor. His current work and projects have earned him major roles transporting him to international movie sets and Cannes Film Festival Screenings. A proud theatre geek turned Army Special Forces Green Beret, turned Medal of Valor-earning firefighter and now back to actor, Jeff has put in every ounce of life experience he can which translates to all he does on screen as an actor and behind the camera as a producer. (Website

Jonathan Lowe) You’ve been in a number of films and TV series, with a history in sports, the military, and theatre. Given your background in the Green Berets, it makes sense that you should be the next Jack Reacher. I interviewed Lee Child once, and there’s a new narrator for the audiobooks of Lee Child, and so why not a big guy like you, as depicted by Child in his books?

Jeff Bosley) I mean…yeah. I gotta agree. (Laughs.) Listen, when I first read a Jack Reacher book in Iraq I immediately thought I was reading a story about me! It was uncanny. This may be a historical first in Hollywood where the head decision-maker wants an unknown actor, the fans almost totally support that actor, and the actor proactively wants the role! Most of the time actors react to an audition opportunity, or offer and go from there. I’m literally the only actor who wants the role and also checks all the boxes…military, acting background, physique, fan support. I also know I can do it, unlike some random dude who may look good but wouldn’t have the training and experience. If a character is going to have dimension and carry on for many seasons, well, an actual actor with the goods must take the job. It’s only logical. 

JL) I agree. You sound passionate, too, and obviously you’re ideal for the role. Tall and fit, which is what Child is looking for. By contrast, I’m 6’4”, an inch shorter than you, while Tom Cruise is 5’7”. What is your workout regimen, exactly, and what about your diet?

JB) That’s been evolving and changing for decades depending on what I was doing in life. In the military I focused a lot on running and Gym Jones-esque training. After the military I went back to my roots, if you will, and trained more like a bodybuilder with supplemental functional training so I could perform as a firefighter.  Now that I’m working as an actor, I tailor to whatever character I’m portraying. My default is a combo of bodybuilding and Gym Jones training striving for muscular, but lean and “normal” looking. I don’t want to be too big so as to avoid getting typecast in bodyguard sort of roles. However, with Reacher, I am going on absolute faith and belief that I will get this role. So I am putting on the size necessary to translate Jack from paper to reality. I’m back to bodybuilding and lifting very basic and very heavy. Reacher isn’t ripped….he’s what I call “farmer strong.” Just big and thick, as Lee Child described. For my own athletic safety and performance I am still integrating Gym Jones training and some martial arts (krav maga) and even parkour. As far as diet I have always lived in a caloric deficit to stay lean. For the first time in a while I’m after a role where the character doesn’t have a six-pack. So I am still eating clean, but just in a caloric surplus.  

JL) Lee Strasberg Institute. Some great actors trained in the Method. Paul Newman, Monroe, Pacino. Why did you choose to go there? 

JB) A great friend and supporter suggested I check it out. Method acting had always connected with me in my theatre days so I couldn’t deny it wasn’t at least worth a check. After only a few minutes there I was certain I had to attend that conservatory. Sure enough, after years of working there I do not regret that decision. It is a style that speaks to me and truly helps me connect to all characters. The staff and the instructors are top notch and I’ve since become friends with many of them. That school has changed my life.  

JL) Your resume is impressive and diverse…stunts, acting, directing, producing. You wear any hats on the set, including hard hats?

JB) (Laughs) Yeah. Very true. My primary love and focus is acting and only acting. If I happen to sign onto a project where my additional skills can enhance the role or the production, I often offer up my services. It certainly ends up wearing me thin, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the craft of acting and if I can partake in any other craft in filmmaking to fuel my acting needs, so be it.

JL) What are your personal favorite movies, and why?

JB) Favorite movies….wow. That’s tough. They all are my favorite for different reasons. ‘Rocky’ for its heart and indie feel. ‘Avengers Infinity War’ for how it brings out the child in me. ‘Star Wars’ originals because of how it captured the imagination of all ages and still does to this day. ‘A River Runs Through It’ for the nostalgia it brings out in me growing up fly-fishing in Montana. ‘Magnolia’ for its ensemble cast delivering some of the most memorable performances in my cinema history. ‘Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back’ because it still makes me giggle. I truly am a fan of cinema. As a consumer, as a fan and as a filmmaker. But at the end of the day…as a kid that loves movies.  

JL) Books?

JB) Obviously the ‘Jack Reacher’ books. Also, for some reason, I love ‘The Vampire Chronicles’ by Anne Rice. Her intensely detailed descriptions of New Orleans have forever created and intense urge to visit a cemetery in New Orleans.  

JL) Tom Cruise. Thoughts? I do admire his acting versatility, but my own fav Cruise movie is Collateral. As a writer, I admired the script so much I wrote a prequel. It will be in my next book. And just today I heard Michael Mann now has a new book imprint, Mann Books. So I can definitely relate to your enthusiasm. 

JB) I agree. Tom Cruise is quite an admirable act to follow.  His career is absolutely one I’d strive to emulate.  He lives his dream in every role he portrays. Much to my manager, agent and mother’s terror I LOVE his passion for action. As far as ‘Collateral’ I couldn’t agree more. It is a beautifully shot movie with Cruise in a role rarely visited by the actor. I actually have a route planned for a day on my Harley visiting the various shots Mann created for the film in the City of Angels.

JL) What’s next for you? 

JB) Jack Reacher. Beyond that, I’m producing and acting in a feature film, ‘Deserted’, with one of my long time best friends, Scott Seagren. And outside of those I spend every waking moment working as an actor or working at working as an actor. Whatever fuels that pursuit.

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