The Vegas Vape 500

VapeIt’s a new race across the desert from Mexico. Backroads, on Fury Road. Can you get your cargo of marijuana to legal Nevada before Trump’s militia blow you away, with hired advisors from Philippine president Duterte? In other McNews, Millennials are being targeted for sterilization at techno and rave concerts. Reports Ryback Solomon, “Kids are stoned and so don’t notice the addition of other chemicals to the smoke. These gas attacks against kids constitute domestic terrorism, albeit this delayed reaction, if spread, may save the future from overpopulation if implemented worldwide. Shall we call it Global Misting? I think Stephen King would like that. Soldiers need a little mist in this heat, don’t ya know.”


“And I’ve got a long way to go, to make it from the border of Mexico…so I ride, ride like the wind…”


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