Looper Pooper Scouper


They don’t talk about books on Looper, the Youboob channel. Few do. Like Wendy Williams, they are all about Hollywood stars and celebrity. They love rankings, and, like so many, do countdowns and Top 10s. With 1.35 Million subscribers, they don’t really care about comments. Neither do the Flat Earthers, although they will block you if you seem science literate. One of the features of Looper (unrelated to the movie by the same name), is “Why Hollywood Won’t Hire ___ Anymore.” Fill in the blank. So in the case of Jessica Alba, the title is this: WHY HOLLYWOOD WON’T HIRE JESSICA ALBA ANYMORE. At the end of the video, they say, “Don’t call Jessica, Hollywood, she’ll call you.” So it turns out Jessica didn’t want to do more dumb movies, and started The Honest Company instead. Now she’s a billionaire. So let’s be clear: Alba has made mistakes in life and movie choices, because she’s human. But she’s not one of the Walking Brain Dead, and is speaking out on issues other than “who’s hot and who’s not.” She still does movies and TV, as do most of the other “Why Hollywood Won’t Hire Blinkily-Blank Anymore” targets do. Hollywood movies mostly suck, now. It’s all about big budget freak shows. Many former movie producers and writers have moved to television. On InfoWars they diss anyone with taste…anyone who takes a stand on being honest or real. They even use zombies to describe their enemies, while they themselves are the zombies. Note in last post that Alex admitted he was a “performance artist.” (ie. liar) It’s one thing to use satire to do fake news, quite another to present it as if it is real. For example, Family Guy does satire. You don’t expect Peter Griffin to always tell the truth. On Youtube they say, “100% Proof,” and spend up to four hours telling you the Earth is flat. Pretending their science is real. On The History Channel they talk about Ancient Aliens (which caused one NASA scientist–Michelle Thaller–to quit the Channel’s other legit science program.) If you can’t tell the difference it means one thing: you don’t read science books. You follow the Kardashians into their kitchen, bedroom, den, limo, carport, pool, jacuzzi, plane, Kanye concert…so you don’t have time to read books. (Neither does Kanye.) Wake up and smell the coffee. Put down the remote and the high fructose corn syrup.


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