Skittles Satire Bomb


Does hope involve killing animals…and kids?

Just saw an idiot on Twitter using a clip from Obama’s UN speech to say he is for giving up all American freedoms. HUH?  Watch the entire speech. The idiot on Twitter has a site about The Purge. He wants to cleanse America of anyone who doesn’t look and think exactly like him, and he is willing to sacrifice your kids to do so. “Shoot first, ask questions later.” Jingoistic myopia. He doesn’t read books, he gets his McNews from Youtube sites like InfoWars, run by a conspiracy theorist who believes the Earth is flat. 


Trump’s trophy wife



Why not? According to Stephen King, we need not choose the lesser of two evils when we can choose evil itself. Congress is already the Walking Dead. 


Speaking of health, Trump loves junk food, as did Reagan. “McRonald” died of pneumonia, complicated by Alzheimer’s. And only now do we learn that only in America do the food conglomerates add iron to all flour and cereals. Why is this relevant? Glad you asked. New science shows that supplemental iron is a leading cause of Alzheimer’s. We already get 100 times the amount of iron we need from consuming so much beef (and lies.) Yet they “fortify” practically everything with iron, and, according to Dr. Preston Estep in THE MINDSPAN DIET, the dosage is toxic. Like lead. “Fortify” sounds like such a great word, doesn’t it? Too bad they didn’t use the word “poison,” because that’s what they are actually doing. Even today, at the grocery store, I saw a vitamin supplement for iron which reads “supports production of red blood cells.” People love iron as a word because it connotes strength, like the IRON CURTAIN falling, or pumping iron, or the Iron Age when popular, greedy despots and barbarians ruled with an iron fist. Alas, the truth is that too much iron (which you are already getting) makes supplemental iron ill advised, and may leave you unclear about who your wife is, or what your own name is…until everything shuts down except the propaganda machine of the food and drug companies who make a profit off human misery. Just like Trump believes they should. Too bad he hasn’t learned yet that he can’t escape the science either, and may soon follow in Reagan’s uneasy footsteps.  



The Shacklers, sponsored by Goldman Sachs & JOLT COLA

GANGSTER RAP:  24 CARAT FOOL’S GOLD.  Often “sung” by a socially approved racist (using the N word) who believes everyone wants to kill them for being their own race. Non-fans in this grueling, mindless sport wish they would stop shouting epithets at high volume about revenge, guns, rape, pillage, bubble butts, and money…with no melody and especially no harmony. (While claiming to be a role model to grade school kids who can’t afford such bling…and aren’t passing reading or math either.) The bling-a-ling icon doesn’t read books, and so doesn’t believe in education or learning anything new. (Already knows everything he or she needs to be rich and famous, which is the only goal worth having.) Anyone who doesn’t go along with not being able to spell or read is deemed “racist” themselves. The gangster rapper (ie. Coke/Pepsi sponsor) is proud to be stupid, and is willing to “get rich or die tryin'” even if your kids are shot in the crossfire (or die of diabetes.) Meanwhile, no diva or TV host will ever admit this or even suggest it for fear of losing audience ($$$) or “street cred.” Not even Trump, although he has said, “I love stupid people, they make me feel so much better about myself!”
MEXICAN MUSIC: Happy melodic music with no rage, usually sung or heard in America among those who prefer Spanish to learning English, have large families, and work non-union construction for a cheaper price than rap, country, or classical music fans.


Have Selfies Jumped the Shark?

SelfiesThe Selfie craze took off a few years ago, but now (hopefully) the insanity (which has spawned countless narcissistic Kardashian wannabes and a narcissist Presidential candidate) has peaked. What Time magazine called The ME Generation has finally made a pivot toward the direction of disgust, according to a new article in Scientific American. A study showed that, when tested, people shown photos of others taking their own photos were deemed “less attractive” and “narcissistic” than when nearly identical photos of them were taken by someone else. The Selfie takers thought they were more attractive than they were actually perceived. A researcher at the University of Toronto advises people not to take their own photos unless they can’t find someone else to take it. To illustrate the point, see Kim taking her own photo for her many millions of fans to worship these images (while hoping to become famous like her) compared to what most men think of her: Bozo the clown. (Or IT, the evil Stephen King clown.) Coffee? Time to wake up.