Quantum Leaps of Satire

Harrison Ford

A report from New Scientist says that the Turing Test for artificial intelligence should be its ability to tell jokes or use satire. Not whether it can fool humans into believing it’s human. Our candidates do that. LOL. By the way, Harrison owns a home here in Tucson. You can’t get to it. It’s atop a steep cliff overlooking a resort. Besides, he’s rarely there. Would rather see him in Blade Runner 2 than Star Wars 37. Supposedly a script is in the works, as it’s been optioned, based again on the story by Philip K. Dick.

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Science Fiction



Fitness is the New Bulimia


She is the award winning writer of BRIGHT-SIDED (about the relentless pursuit of positive thinking…which sounds great until you find out all the lies and greed behind those selling rose colored glasses…like Wall Street hedge fund managers and Goldman Sachs, and Joel Osteen and Creflo Dollar and the list goes on.) Also NICKLE & DIMED, about the failure of trickle down economics. Those hedge fund CEOs pay the least in taxes and hide much overseas or in the Caymans. Like in the Tom Cruise movie THE FIRM. Another book is SMILE OR DIE. Fitness photos on IG are all the rage. Literally. Some show lions growling at anyone who suggests not going to the gym. Well, who is trying to stop you? Only yourself. Why are muscles so important, anyway? Could there be another and BETTER goal than taking selfies? If you are not in competition with anyone but yourself why post such selfies? If you really don’t care what anyone thinks why bother? Barbara and the author of THE NARCISSIST NEXT DOOR both point out that we actually don’t know who we are, and seek validation. Praise. False identity to support our place in a culture that rewards ego and delusion with promises of escape from reality. Think about it. Health is one thing, but why overdo it? The realist, she says, sees the world as it is and has courage not to look away, but to change the world for the better. For everyone. The opposite of positive thoughts is not “negative vibes,” it is acceptance but not accepting deceit and ignorance. Or ignoring it. Note that the words “ignorant” and “ignoring” are nearly identical. Coffee?


The Far Side of the Dollar



Has Tom Hillman run away from his exclusive reform school, or has he been kidnapped? Are his wealthy parents protecting him or their own guilty secrets? And why does every clue lead Lew Archer to an abandoned Hollywood hotel, where starlets and sailors once rubbed shoulders with tycoons and hustlers? The once-popular palace is now boarded up, but for Archer, it may hold the key to a missing teenager and a hot murder. Archer knows that a handful of dreamers and losers came together in the Barcelona twenty years ago, but some questions still remain unanswered: What kind of deal went down there? And why were a mixed up rich kid and a beautiful blonde the first to pay the price?

Ross Macdonald (1915–1983) was the pen name of Kenneth Millar. Born near San Francisco but raised in British Columbia, he returned to the United States as a young man and published his first novel in 1944. For over twenty years he lived in Santa Barbara and wrote mystery novels about the fascinating and changing society of his native state. He is widely credited with elevating the detective novel to the level of literature with his compactly written tales of murder and despair. His works have received awards from the Mystery Writers of America and of Great Britain, and his book The Moving Target was made into the movie Harper (starring Paul Newman) in 1966. In 1982 he was awarded the Eye Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Private Eye Writers of America.


National Weather Service Axed


Funding to the National Weather Service will be discontinued soon, and Ft. Knox gold diverted to weapons purchases for “the security of politicians” once Armageddon breaks out and roving bands of assault-weaponized patriots begin to “wreck havoc” in Washington for devaluing the dollar to “a nickle.” Revealing himself to be the AntiChrist, Lloyd Bankfine has promised to “make the end swift.”  Of corpse the NWS is unnecessary anyway, say Global Warming scientists, since “all you have to do is stick your head outside to either get struck by a board flying at near the speed of sound or get sucked into the sky by a Firenado.” Singing  I Told You So as just released by KaChillionaire, the politicians will be gone from DC long before the Million Homeless March reaches burned-to-the Ground Zero. Why have so many Wal Marts shut down to build underground storage facilities?  “Because luxury condos are available, lit by private atomic generators 1000 feet under the bedrock in 13 states.” (Most of the super duper rich, of course, will have moved to Monaco. The casinos there are “just fabulous.”) The outgoing NWS director has predicted that “hailstones will rise exponentially in size as massive superstorms crisscross a country of NASCAR loving gun show addicts.” Fired despite apologizing for the statement, he added, “Their SUVs will be crushed by two ton ice boulders dropping from supercells, even as they drive to monster truck rallies where Trump’s adviser, Dick ‘Twinkletoes’ Fuld, will give a speech condemning the National Science Foundation for the blasphemous lie that ‘the Earth is over six thousand years old.'” The Rapture will happen any day. Call Bankfine to confirm the date, and the price (your soul) to enter the Bachelors in Paradise retreat under Yucca Mountain. His number is 666-323-Hell.